WELCOME too  CIRCLE  R        

                               BIG  on QUALITY   

CIRCLE R has been successfully raising, showing  & selling Top Quality SOUTH AFRICAN style Boer Goats since 1995,
                                   ABGA member #1724.

ONLY AVAILABLE PRIVATE TREATY never at sales, fairly priced for customers............... so NO  bidding war, no stress and not exposed to disease.

CIRCLE R has show goats available at most of the time from  County show up  to  a  National Show Contender for youth or adult,  plus STUD BUCKS available at all times, and all priced accordingly.
ALL goats are disease FREE and healthy & in excellent condition, we want your purchase to be a good experience, all animals come with there  registration papers &  bucks with DNA TEST.
Buying from CIRCLE R you can buy with Confidence knowing that many years  of experience has gone into making sure you pick the right goat for your needs, check out  below  MANY SATISFIED BUYER with there winning goats.


call or text: 817-901-0751 
We do NOT sell anything but top quality animals, you can go win with or breed winners from,
NO DISEASE this is a CL FREE facility & we do NOT flush goats.
21 ennobled goats either raised or live here>>>>>>>>>>>




































Strategic Investment          TX Twister
 Above 2  bucks gone to TX A&M breeding facility






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