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                                   TEXAS  LONGWOOLS




 A herd created in Texas 2015,   comprising  of Teeswater/Coopworth / Wensleydale  for creating longer softer shiny Curls for spinning, & bone & meat into Carcass for Market.
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Fact : Welsh Wool sheep are best tasting lamb in the world, mild flavor and tender.
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 Above 2015
First ewes after sheering.

MATRIARCH ewe here is SHILO (now8) she goes back to a Black Merino and has wonderful fleece, always has triplets this farm is full of her daughters & grand daughters.


                                       SHEARING DAY 2017

                    ********************ROY COOPER***************
Came from NC late 2015 he has tremendous Bone & Muscle and outstanding Fleece, his 6lb yearling fleece sold for $85 per pound at the SAAF fiber show & sale in NC.

2017 he yielded 15lbs of fleece in Texas.

2018 will be the  last Lambs born from ROY he sold this spring, below are pix of Roys 2018 Ram Lambs we have 22 ewe lambs from Roy for the future.



4 week old 2017 Lambs sire *Roy Cooper* has a lot of Bone & Muscle with Incredible fleece, he has enhanced the Teeswater Ewes making heavier Lambs without giving up Fleece Quality.......
2017 total lambs.....21 rams 3 ewes.

2018...……….14 ewe lambs and 8 ram Lambs from ROY.


                   THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT $25 PER POUND,
           1 EWE YEALDS 6-8LBS
          ROY COOPER YIELDED 15 LBS 201

This is WHY long wool over hair sheep is a no brainer.

                                            2017 Replacement Ewe Lambs 
                                            WOW look at this Teewater
                                            lambs fleece, cant wait for
                                            her offspring BY Simpson.
                                             This is a granddaughter of
                                                       old SHILO.

This is a RoyXshiloh ewe lamb this first
generation Roy X have incredible fleece

                                                    JAN  2018 RAM LAMBS  all SOLD




The sheep project is ever increasing here in Texas.
2019 the yearlings will be Lambing to the Wensleydale Ram  with incredible fleece length pictured at top of the page, we retained all the ROY ewe lambs.