CIRCLE  R  started with raising  AWARD WINNING  % does loaded with meat & muscle, and has never stopped doing that in 29yrs, from the 1st ones to the last ones born 2023.

Top of the line % show animals still using the South African breed standards, they are BIG & Impressive, Champion % are no accident here, they are designed & bred  too EXCEL in the showring.




currently the #1 senior show doe, Primo has had a great run of being Champion all of 2019. 
Owing to Covid shutdown Primo has been retired...

STRAWBERRY WINE champion just about everywhere shown 2020&2021.
this is a red doe kid we waited a long time for!
The 1st LIL MAX daughter &
she is GOOD out of a 50% doe sired by  Smooth Operator (son of Dinero)


SMOOTHIE sibling to Strawberry Wine, multi champion in New England.


Super nice solid white doe with Savanna speckled ears. 
pink  was bred by the Late Coni Ross my friend of 20+ years.
I have 2 of these GORGEOUS does, 

Both does below have been very successful for
Clint Demmitt

                                                                                 sister to PRIMO DOLL


                                   A1  KRISTAL  PISTOL  (aka: Roany)
A true 50% doe sired by A1 ennobled (see Ref buck page) what more can 
be said about Roany she is Big & Deep  & Powerful, walks wide and stands square, & thats why she wins...…………..Roany now almost 5,  ended 2018 with 148 show points....update:  Roany was Reserve Champion to Primo at OKC STATE FAIR 2019, only show she went to 2019
& Best pair % does,

  CALL  ME   FANCY  75% doe  (gone to Clint Demmitts string)
Div Champion WTX fair and overall Grand & many more thru 2017/18/19 
sired by DINERO (see buck page)  see her daughter on the FB doe page ALL THAT JAZZ.



Call Me Power Doll 75%

Call me Baby Doll's quad doe kid, 4 shows 2/2nd Res JR CH & 1st WTX Fair  2ndX2  OKC.
Now a yearling & just gets better also 2nd at 2017 Dixie Nationals.
R:CH Pauls Valley 2017

****2015  STARTED  the Doll  Dynasty*******


Surfer    Disco     Barbie   Baby    Flo
Doll         Doll         Doll       Doll     Doll
not shown is China Doll deceased.


******XTRA BARBIE DOLL************
sire:  XTRA LOAD

*************CALL ME BABY DOLL***************
sire:  Call the Cops
dam:  Flo Doll  by Hummer.

Now a senior and still winning, shown by our best showman
at FTW  Buffy.

*****************CALL ME DANGEROUS***doe of excellence**********

sire:  Armed & Dangerous  (Nat CH)
dam: Call me Pippy  by Call the Cops.

still a yearling and her best win to date, again shown by Buffy, Champion  again 2 weeks later at Cream of the Crop show.  Dangerous is bred to MAXIMUS (see buck page) 2  doe kids IMAX & MAXED OUT.

Standing at STUD in Indiana *CALL ME CEASAR* only son of this GREAT DOE.

            ********************THE DYNAMIC DUO**************
            FLO DOLL                  BABY DOLL
              (momma)                      (daughter)

*******************SPOTTED  EAGLE******************************

Multiple Champion over several years including IBGA Nationals & Ft Worth stock show, daughter of the gorgeous PLATINUM a Nubian/Codi X. 
This doe is one of the Best Dappled does ever seen in the showring and always beautifully shown by Buffy.

**********************XTRA   CHROME***************
sire:  XTRA LOAD by Main Event
dam:  PLATINUM by Codi Split Ear
click pic to enlarge
          2015                      2013


XTRA CHROME is superior daughter of XTRA LOAD, she has been first everywhere shown............... had a yearling Champion daughter PLATINUM FIRE .....& a new spotted headed baby *Silver Bells* . CHROME will be showing again 2015. 
CHROME did it again a beautiful 2016 dark red headed doe kid with Spots......CHROME is now officially retired from showing & breeding.

last show with Circle R.......... 2013 Champion East Tx State Fair
2015  back showing  Senior Champion both judges,
Cream of the Crop show...…………….XTRA CHROME has an incredible dappled grandson about to turns heads in the showring.

Below some % Does sold winning all over 5 state area, with some amazing Junior showmen