Top of the line % show animals still using the South African breed standards, they are BIG & impressive & win, Champion % are no accident here.


************* 2Gunz Western Wishes**********

Shown for the first time Oct 2018, where she started her mass of championships thru to Dec 2018...….one of the best % does raised here, Wishes will continue to show  until she is 2.


Coming soon Sugar Boom Boom, another super  Grand Edition daughter, to add to the % show string.


*************Dinero's Hotshot***************


A Really nice  Quad daughter of ROANY, already been champion a few times, has kidded a super buck kid, and will be showing again 2019.




Both does below have been very successful for
Clint Demmitt


                                   A1  KRISTAL  PISTOL  (aka: Roany)
A true 50% doe sired by A1 ennobled (see Ref buck page) what more can
be said about Roany she is Big & Deep  & Powerful, walks wide and stands square, & thats why she wins...…………..Roany now almost 5,  ended 2018 with 148 show points....


    CALL  ME   FANCY  75% doe  (gone to Clint Demmitts string)
Div Champion WTX fair and overall Grand & many more thru 2017. 
sired by DINERO (see buck page)



Primo's Perfect Doll 75% a daughter of Flo Doll, …… she has a sister owned by Clint Demmitt that has Multiple Champions.
Sire: Primo Profit Maker  see ref buck page
Primo Doll kidded 2018 & went showing late fall, where she has been champion Several times.

 Call Me Power Doll 75%***(sold showing with Skylyn Teague)

Call me Baby Doll's quad doe kid, 4 shows 2/2nd Res JR CH & 1st WTX Fair  2ndX2  OKC.
Now a yearling & just gets better also 2nd at 2017 Dixie Nationals.
R:CH Pauls Valley 2017



****Prior 2015 Doll  Dynasty*******


Surfer    Disco     Barbie   Baby    Flo
Doll         Doll         Doll       Doll     Doll
not shown is China Doll, owned by Kiley


******XTRA BARBIE DOLL************
sire:  XTRA LOAD

Congratulations to young Sariah, her best win yet!!
way to go kiddo.........sariah & Aiden are the owners of
3 Dolls.

*************CALL ME BABY DOLL***************
sire:  Call the Cops
dam:  Flo Doll  by Hummer.

Now a senior and still winning, shown by our best showman
at FTW  Buffy.

*****************CALL ME DANGEROUS*******************

sire:  Armed & Dangerous  (Nat CH)
dam: Call me Pippy  by Call the Cops.

still a yearling and her best win to date, again shown by Buffy, Champion  again 2 weeks later at Cream of the Crop show.  Dangerous is bred to MAXIMUS (see buck page) 2  doe kids IMAX & MAXED OUT.

Owned by Laurie Hughes

            ********************THE DYNAMIC DUO**************
            FLO DOLL                  BABY DOLL
              (momma)                      (daughter)

*******************SPOTTED  EAGLE******************************

Multiple Champion over several years including IBGA Nationals & Ft Worth stock show, daughter of the gorgeous PLATINUM a Nubian/Codi X. 
This doe is one of the Best Dappled does ever seen in the showring and always beautifully shown by Buffy.

**********************XTRA   CHROME***************
sire:  XTRA LOAD by Main Event
dam:  PLATINUM by Codi Split Ear
click pic to enlarge
          2015                      2013


XTRA CHROME is superior daughter of XTRA LOAD, she has been first everywhere shown............... had a yearling Champion daughter PLATINUM FIRE .....& a new spotted headed baby *Silver Bells* . CHROME will be showing again 2015. 
CHROME did it again a beautiful 2016 dark red headed doe kid with Spots......CHROME is now officially retired from showing & breeding.

last show with Circle R.......... 2013 Champion East Tx State Fair
2015  back showing  Senior Champion both judges,
Cream of the Crop show.

Below some % Does sold winning all over 5 state area, with some amazing Junior showmen