****************The Immortal A1***********************


With out doubt A1 is one of the best bucks,
that ever lived 
at Circle R, a son of Ruger Reloaded out of the sister to Hummer. His first crop here 2014 mostly %, and  were all darn good, there were also 2 good Full bloods #34 Minnie Blue & #39 JuneBug..
In 2015  Xtra Shiny kidded STONE SOBER , and Clint Demmett had one single doe kid A1 SWEET SUMMERTIME  this doe with Clint has dominated the showring for 2 years,  also dominant is the % roan headed doe A1 Kristol Pistol .


   **A1 Sweet Summer Time**                A1-Kristal Pistol

A1 Minnie Blue          A1 JuneBug         A1 Stone Sober
A1 Nu Shiny Pistol















*********************** VELVET LADY *************************
a one of kind,  champion doe that produced champions
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A daughter of RUGER RELOADED came to Circle R as a weanling, starting her show career at 12 months in FTW she was champion both days   she went onto winning many more shows before kidding her first Champion son HI-OCTANE HUMMER..........Velvet was then bred to Ruger on Fire and produced an amazing single kid
Ring of Fire himself a champion............Velvet then went back to the showring as a senior doe, winning just about all she was entered in including  East Tx Fair - OKC, she was then  rebred to Hummer in the fall and 2014 produced 2 more really good kids by Hummer  
SADLY Velvet was lost in the spring 2015.
2015  buck kid  **TEXAS EDITION** sired by GRAND EDITION a son of Status Quo wll be available in the fall. crbgoats@msn.com




is sired by the 2nd highest point buck in the nation RUGER RELOADED, and his mother is  sired by the highest point buck in the nation STATUS QUO .
Its not luck Primo sires great offspring.

See below some great Primo


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