TEXAS  LONGWOOLS of  Circle R Farms

A herd created in Texas 2015,   comprising  of Teeswater (welsh) - Coopworth (nz) - Wensleydale (welsh) & a few Cotswolds (uk), for creating longer softer shiny Curls for spinning, & bone & meat into Carcass for Market.(click pix to enlarge)

Fact :
 Welsh Wool sheep are best tasting lamb in the world, mild flavor and tender.

First ewes after sheering 2015

MATRIARCH ewe here is SHILO (now8) she goes back to a Black Merino and has wonderful fleece, always has triplets this farm is full of her daughters & grand daughters.


                SHEARING DAY 2017
Darker ones (black) have some Wensleydale influence.....white are Teeswaters.

********************ROY COOPER***************
Came from NC late 2015 he has tremendous Bone & Muscle and outstanding Fleece, his 6lb yearling fleece sold for $85 per pound at the SAAF fiber show & sale in NC.

2017 he yielded 15lbs of fleece in Texas.

2018 will be the  last Lambs born from ROY he sold this spring


4 week old 2017 Lambs sire *Roy Cooper* a Coopworth has a lot of Bone & Muscle with Incredible fleece, he has enhanced the Teeswater Ewes making heavier Lambs without giving up Fleece Quality.......
2017 total lambs..............21 rams 3 ewes.


                   THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT $25 PER POUND,
           1 EWE YEALDS 6-8LBS
          ROY COOPER YIELDED 15 LBS 201

This is WHY long wool over hair sheep is a no brainer.

                2017 Replacement Ewe Lambs 
                                            WOW look at this Teewater
                                            lambs fleece, cant wait for
                                            her offspring BY simpson.
                                             This is a grand daughter of
                                                       old SHILO.

This is a RoyXshiloh ewe lamb this first
generation Roy X have incredible fleece.


New Reg Wensleydale Ram Lamb,
*The Way Forward**  (aka: simpson)
arrived here on July 14th from Montana..8 months in Pic & sheared by accident fall 2017, and again March 2018 & already 7 inches long.
Simpson will really be the Way Forward
here for Fleece.

Reg Cotswold Ram **FROSTY** born 2017 arrived with his mother & sister & aunt, 2017...Frosty was Champion along with his sister in Ar spring 2017

The sheep project is ever increasing here in Texas.


Sheering spring 2018:

3 Rams

24 ewes
7 first sheer Lambs.