A POWER PRODUCING DOE IS A LUXURY without that great Momma they are all just goats.....we raise **South African Standard Does**  that are BIG & DEEP with huge loins that are sound on feet & legs & mostly single teated.

Below great pedigree's does, most  have been successful in the showring, & then produced really good show quality offspring, all are structurally correct and conform to South African Breed Standards.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Primo's Shining Colors <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
sire: Primo Profit Maker (see ref buck page)
dam: Xtra Shiny (see below)
dams sire: Xtra Load. (see ref buck page)

>>>>>>>>>>> Stone Cold Serious <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

sire:   A1 STONE SOBER
dam: own daughter of A2 RUGER ON FIRE 
This super yearling is the sister to Organized Crime & has already
kidded an outstanding buck kid **Last Sober Kowboy* he  will be showing 2018 so will his Momma.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A1  JUNEBUG <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<       

sire:  A1 ennobled  (see ref buck page)
dam: own daughter of Kicking Brass.

JUJU has been successful in the showring, and her first doe kid is by MAXIMUS

dam:  FLO DOLL  (D-of-E own daughter of HUMMER)
Primo Doll was a champion from the minute she stepped in the showring, as is her sister
Pure Perfection (clint demmitt)...........would you expect anything else from daughters of  FLO-DOLL.
Flo Doll was the reason i owned Hummer, when you see what he did on a 50%, could only imagine what he could do on FB and he did not disappoint............this PRIMO/HUMMER cross works really well..Pretty heads and horns with that huge top & hip.