Supreme Champion 2017, pictured in England


                  TEXAS  LONGWOOLS

A small herd created in Texas, derived of Teeswater (uk) - Coopworth (nz) - Wensleydale (uk) & a few Cotswolds (uk), for creating longer softer shiny Curls for spinning, & more bone & meat into Carcass for Market.(click pix to enlarge)



                SHEARING DAY 2017
Darker ones (black) have some Wensleydale influence.....white are Teeswaters.


                                          ROY  COOPER

4 week old 2017 Lambs sire *Roy Cooper* a yearling Ram that came from NC, he is 50% Teeswater (UK) & 50% Coopworth (NZ)  ROY  has a lot of bone & Muscle with Incredible fleece, he has enhanced the Teeswater Ewes making heavier Lambs without giving up Fleece Quality.


                   THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT


The reg Cotswold added  2017,  will be bred to the Coopworth this fall, there Lambs will be grown out & added to the herd, pic taken at AR Spring Show.




A new Reg Wensleydale Ram Lamb, for the future over the 2017 Lambs Born here, arrived here on July 14th...........pix coming soon.

More info soon: