Supreme Champion 2017, pictured in England


                  TEXAS  LONGWOOLS

A herd created in Texas, derived of Teeswater (uk) - Coopworth (nz) - Wensleydale (uk) & a few Cotswolds (uk), for creating longer softer shiny Curls for spinning, & more bone & meat into Carcass for Market.(click pix to enlarge)



                SHEARING DAY 2017
Darker ones (black) have some Wensleydale influence.....white are Teeswaters.


                                          ROY  COOPER

4 week old 2017 Lambs sire *Roy Cooper* a yearling Ram that came from NC, he is 50% Teeswater (UK) & 50% Coopworth (NZ)  ROY  has a lot of bone & Muscle with Incredible fleece, he has enhanced the Teeswater Ewes making heavier Lambs without giving up Fleece Quality.


                   THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT $25 PER POUND,
           1 EWE YEALDS 6-8LBS
          ROY COOPER YIELDED 15 LBS 2017.


Reg Cotswold (heritage breed) added  2017,  will be bred to the Coopworth this fall, there 2017 Lambs below,  will be grown out & added to the herd, pic taken at AR Spring Show.

Cotswold Lamb & Roy Cooper



A new Reg Wensleydale Ram Lamb, **SIMPSON**for the future over the 2017 Lambs Born here, arrived here on July 14th from Montana...pix coming soon.