Member of National Cattle Dog Association / South West cattle dog Association /Rodear America & Working Cattle Dog Trials.

SCOOCH:  just 2yrs, won a go round at Nat Western 2020, then went on to compete at the 2020 National Finals where he ended up in 10th place.

JR-GOOSE: is another Great OPEN DOG, that has been successful at many levels. & A SON of THE GREAT JR-RED

PECOS: A super Red & white son of  multi champion Gus, Pecos has won in the arena trials & is a super good ranch hand.

DUB a great son of the TX Champion CREE, Dub has won numerous times over many years & is now retired.  ZEKE below  is a grandson of CREE

BUDDY a futurity dog, and a great farm hand , now retired.